Sunday, November 1, 2015

Phi Phi (part I)


Although now I may feel more affection for other places in Thailand, it was Phi Phi what I was probably more  excited about at first. I think it makes sense considering all the years in Berlin with an almost always grey sky. The idea of an island was just like a dream.

We were there about a week. A week full of new feelings, both good and bad. Many things happened that were totally unexpected and we didn't know what to do. Some things didn't even make sense. And I remember being in a bed, thinking that maybe the whole idea of the adventure we just started was a big mistake. Now of course I see it from a different perspective. Beginnings are often complicated. And now looking back, it's amazing all the situations that now I know I can handle, and 5 months ago I wouldn't have. I know I've learned.

I also remember thinking that my memories of the island would end up being bittersweet. But even though my experience in Phi Phi was not exactly what I imagined when dreaming about it, I do think it's a very special place and I keep a good feeling about it. It teached me that time cand turn difficult moments in true lessons, memories that you can laugh about.

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