Friday, January 31, 2014

You'll start to think I'm boring (blah..)

Hello there! I feel like I haven't write anything here for ages now..
I think about it, and so many different things have happened in the last months. So many changes in the last year. And I'm happy about it. I feel I've grown.
I'm learning to be more aware of my actions and how to focus everything I do with positive energy. I can learn from everything I do.

And why am I writting this here and now? Cause writing is everything. Writing and photography. It's like a huge present I'm doing to my future me. I already gave myself this present in the past, I used to write about everything and I'm so grateful to have those memories stored now... thanks, me.
And, as long as what I'm writting has a good intention, why not sharing it? I know I haven't share any of the stuff I wrote in a while because of my fears. But a few years ago I had a blog too, and I used to write there all the time no matter what. And I just want to do it again. I want to do this more personal. Cause it's how I really feel.

Does that mean that I'm not afraid anymore? I wish, but no. The only way of getting somewhere is by actions. There's no point in complaining, you gotta do something in order to see some changes in your life. So I just look up to people who I admire for what they do, and I ask myself what kind of person I'd like to be. I try to picture in my mind this person, and what type of things she does, and then I know which things I'd like to do that I'm not doing now.
So if I want to be the kind of person who writes, I just write. And maybe eventually those fears will be gone.

I kind of feel it's already happening...

ps: I've got so many pictures to show.


meg bird said...

That fear - it really ruins things doesn't it? But I love you work and you words, if it's any consolation.

Emma Jane said...

Adore these photos and that dress.

I know that fear. It's so hard when that fear sort of infiltrates everything by surprise. But you're right, writing is everything and I cannot wait to hear your words.